Press release: Leading Food and Drink Brands Meet with Farmers and NGOs to identify Opportunities for a Sustainable Future

On 8th March 2017, representatives from many leading food and drink brands, including Coca Cola and Heineken, met with Yorkshire farmers and environmental stakeholders to discuss the challenges that the UK faces with regard to the sustainability of the industry.

The Sustainable Futures conference, which was held in York and  delivered by Future Food Solutions, is a new initiative set up to link together all stages of the supply chain by sharing knowledge, best practice and innovative solutions across its partnership compromising of farmers, food companies and NGOs.

Steve Cann, Sustainable Futures Director, opens the conference.

One of the highlights of the day saw a panel of leaders from 6 organisations share their thoughts on how UK farmers and food businesses can make themselves more resilient for the future.


Neil Fuller, a leading soil scientist from Bio Systems, outlined the importance of carefully managing soil health for increasing the productivity of agricultural land.  He said “Soil is the platform for a sustainable farming future.”


Steve Cann, a Director of the Sustainable Futures project said, “To build a truly sustainable food and drink industry, we need to create opportunities that allow the supply chain to collaborate. By bringing our partners together this week, we have shared the results of innovative farming practices and successfully identified some of the common challenges our partners face when it comes to sustainability. The conference has determined several key areas that we and our partners will focus on for the next 12 months. We are all very pleased with the outcomes from the event.

Neil Fuller, Bio Systems, explains the importance of soil health.

Farmers interested in improving the sustainability of their farm business and attending similar events can find out more about becoming a Sustainable Futures partner by visiting or emailing